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Sustainability is #1 here at Sundaze Bikinis. One of the areas we are constantly trying to improve is our shipping and packaging process. There's no denying it, the rise of e-commerce has also created a huge rise in packaging waste in the form of cardboard boxes, styrofoam, bubble wrap and plastic fillers. This only adds to our global plastic problem even more. 

It is our mission to be on the front line of sustainability and thats why we use 100% plastic free sustainable packaging. 


100% Plastic Free

Our hang tags, post cards, and tissue paper are all sourced from recycled materials. Most companies use plastic hang tag string, but we have avoided this by using sustainable cotton string as well as getting rid of plastic tape. All of this is an effort to reduce the impact we have on the environment and ensure that all of our packaging is biodegradable. 

Biodegradable for Planet Earth

We are excited to announce that we have been able to source the most sustainable biodegradable plant based shipping bags. These high quality shipping bags are made from plant starches that biodegrade in a compost in 180 days. Not only are these shipping materials biodegradable, but the shipping company plants trees for every order to help offset the negative effect of shipping on the environment. Learn more here.


If you have any tips on how we can become more sustainable, we would love to hear it! Comment below or feel free to send us an email at info@sundazebikinis.com 


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