2021 Sustainable Gift Guide

Looking for a unique gift this holiday that won't create more trash for the planet? Look no further, because we just created our top sustainable gifts for 2021. We know that it is the responsibility of large companies to switch to more sustainable practices, but we also know that demand in sustainable products helps create more sustainable products and more sustainable solutions to previously unsustainable products. And it can't hurt to pick the sustainable option! It's now 2021! You can find a sustainably alternative to almost any product out there! Confused on what is sustainable? 

Here are good questions to ask yourself when shopping this season:

1. What is the product made of? and if its made of plastic, is there a more sustainable alternative?

2. Can this product be used more than once?

3. Is this product produced ethically?

4. Does this product replace a less sustainable option?

Still stuck on what to buy?

Here are our top 15 sustainable gift ideas:

Sustainable Accessories

1. Jewelry

The mining of gold can be devastating for both the people and the environment where these mines occur. For sustainable jewelry, we look for companies that source recycled gold and ethically mined gold. Check out Mejuri for their cute recycled gold pieces and their transparency on where they source their gold. 

2. Sustainable Purses

Sustainable Holiday Gifts Vegan Purses
Sustainable purses can be so hard to find. A lot of companies advertise as "vegan leather" but in most cases that is just a green washing term for "made from plastic". When purse shopping look for all natural materials such as plant based leather, hemp, cotton. If shopping synthetic, make sure it is made from recycled materials. Shop recycled vegan leather purses here at Pixie Mood.

Sustainable Fashion

3. All Natural Clothing

Sustainable Linen Clothing for Her
Clothing doesn't have to be made from plastics! Look for clothing made from all natural materials such as linens, viscose, bamboo, and cotton. Check out our linen resort wear clothing for your next vacation here. 

4. Sustainable Swimwear

Best Sustainable Gifts For the Holidays - Swimwear
Get excited for your next tropical vacation with our newest 2021 Deserted Collection all made ethically and safely in Bali using only Italian recycled fabrics made from pre/post consumer plastics and fish nets. Shop the collection here

Sustainable Home

5. House plants

Top Sustainable Gifts for 2021

House plants are cute little reminders of natures beauty within your home and they even have health benefits like helping anxiety! Not sure what type of plant to give? Check out this article on easy plants to give that you can find at your local nursery. 

6. Bamboo sheets

2021 Sustainable Gifts for the Holidays Bamboo Sheets

Give the gift of comfort with a bamboo sheet set. Bamboo sheets are awesome because they are naturally cooling and antimicrobial all while being a natural fabric. Growing bamboo is a lot less resource intensive than cotton and helps release more oxygen into the atsmosphere. Our absolute favorite is Cozy Earth (this is not a sponsered post at all, just love the product) Check them out for cozy, earth-friendly, high quality sheets. 

7. Wood Kitchen Accessories

Top 2021 Sustainable Holiday Gifts for the kitchen

 Speaking of bamboo, wood kitchen accessories are also an easy eco-friendly gift. Swap your regular plastic kitchen appliances for wood versions. They are cuter and better for the environment. 

Sustainable Beauty

8. Plastic Free Make Up

Plastic Free Make Up - Gifts for her 2021

Top ranked for plastic free beauty is Axiology with lipsticks that can double as blush and eye tint. The best part is that they are entirely plastic free.

9. Cotton rounds

Reuseable sustainable beauty gifts for her 2021

Part of sustainability is finding products that can be used multiple times instead of single use products. Cotton rounds are definitely a beauty product that creates a lot of waste with an easy solution. You can find them at your local organic foods store or on amazon here.

10. Gift set

Eco-friendly gift sets for holiday shopping 2021

Have a friend interested in sustainable beauty, but doesn't know where to start? These store carries eco-friendly bundles so you can try out new eco-friendly products. Check it out here.
*None of these products are sponsored.*
They are all just ideas for sustainable gifts for this 2021 holiday season.
Did we miss something that you love to give or receive?
Comment below and let us know! :)


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