5 Tips on How to Survive Quarantine

5 Essential Rules to Surviving Quarantine

It's been a few weeks since most of us have been stuck at home, and if you are starting to go a little stir crazy like us, here are a few tips to make staying inside a little more manageable.  

1. Set a Routine

Keeping yourself busy and in a routine will help you stay positive during these unpredictable times. Setting a routine for each day will bring normalcy back to your life and will distract you from possible anxiety or boredom. Even if it is a checklist of 5 basic tasks to get done every day such as: Get Dressed, Drink 40oz of Water, Get Outside, Clean Something, and Do Something Active. Accomplishing these will help you feel fulfilled at the end of your day.


2. Set REALISTIC Goals

We’ve all seen the posts about how someone is going to transform their body or do something amazing with all of this extra time. That’s awesome! But make sure you have a plan, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead of making the goal to write a Novel, maybe start with writing 10 pages a week. Instead of saying you’ll lose 30 pounds, maybe you can set small workout and nutrition goals. Give yourself daily victories to look forward to. 


    3. Limit Your News Intake

    Staying informed is important but getting overwhelmed is not going to help anyone. The news can make you feel even more stressed out and create a negative atmosphere. Instead, seek out positive news and share it with others. Watch some comedy or dance to your favorite song. Keep a balance between the positive and negative influences during your day. 


      4. Connect with Others

      Social distancing should really be called physical distancing, because you can and should keep connected socially. You can do this by having a virtual happy hour, playing a card game with playingcards.io, or watching a movie as a group with neflix party. And if you needed the reminder: call your grandparents.


        5. Connect with Yourself

        Find something you enjoy that will help you feel calm and grounded. Do something creative like painting or learning calligraphy. Start a journal. You could also try meditation; several different mindfulness apps have free content right now such as Balance or UCLA’s Mindful app. 

          And above all stay safe and hang in there! 

          *I am not affiliated with any of these companies*


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