Behind the Scenes: Our Newest Roses Print

Hawaii Sustainable Bikinis Small Business
Meet the first Sundaze Bikinis print drop of 2021: Roses.
We started this print about a year ago, and with all of the craziness of 2020 and the shut downs we had major delays on getting this print out to you, but its finally here and we are so excited to share it!
Hand Painted Hawaii Sustainable Bikinis
This print is inspired by the strength and beauty of a rose and how it parallels the feminine spirit. 
Many think you need to choose between being soft and delicate vs powerful and strong. We believe there is no need to choose. You can be soft, caring, beautiful, strong, powerful, and unafraid to conquer all at once.

To us, the rose encompasses this duality of the female spirit.

We believe you can be whoever you want to be, wear whatever you want to wear, so yes floral prints are seen as girly and beautiful, but never forget, roses have thorns too. 
This print is so special to us for so many reasons, one of which being that is was a collaboration with inspirational Hawaii artist, and good friend Anfisa Kuzmina.
Anfisa Kuzmina Kauai Hawaii Artist
Anfisa is a  talented female artist based in Kauai. Her work focuses on how the human experience is intertwined with the natural world.
Kauai, Hawaii Artist Anfisa Kuzmina

Anfisa's art is a compilation of visual poetry, beautifully capturing humanities connection with nature, while telling stories of Hawaiian culture. Her work pushes the message of female empowerment through body positivity. Anfisa's work reminds us that as females we can be beautiful and powerful at the same time and our rose print is a reflection of that.

We are so excited to be able to work with such a talented artist and bring her work to life in our newest collection. You can check out more of her work by clicking on the link here. 


Exclusive Hand Painted Rose Bikinis


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