Make Your Bikini Last!

You finally purchased your absolute perfect bikini. You know that bikini that hugs your curves like a glove, feels silky smooth on your skin, the color complements your skin tone and you feel like your ready to conquer the world! You want that bikini to last as long as possible right? Here at Sundaze Bikinis we came up with some easy tips and tricks to keep your bikini looking fabulous for as long as possible!


Between the sun, sand, saltwater and chlorine bikinis are put through alot and sometimes need some extra love! Make sure you rinse out your bikini after each use even if you don't get wet. Some of the chemicals in sunscreen can lead to the eventual breakdown of the material.


Beach Shower Bikini CleanWhen washing make sure you treat your fav bikini like your other delicates. Rinse with fresh water and mild soap. You can do this in the shower after the beach or in a sink once your home. 



Hang Dry Bikinis by the ocean 

If you want to wash your bikini in the washing machine in a delicates bag on the delicates setting thats fine too, but never use a dryer on your bikini. The heat in the dryer weakens both the elasticity of the fabric and the elastic in the bikini causing it to stretch out over time and not hold the same shape. Nobody wants that! Instead try hang drying your suits on a clean, rust free surface. (Beware of leaving it in the sun too long)


EXTRA CLEANkeep your bikini clean with these tipsIf your bikini is needing some  extra love have no fear! Fill up a sink with cold water and mild soap. Let your bikini soak for 15-30 minutes before rinsing and patting dry with a towel.



If you're like me, you can get a pen mark or small stain on just about anything especially if I'm wearing white. An easy remedy for this is rubbing alcohol. Using clear rubbing alcohol, soak a clean cotton ball or cotton pad (make sure not to use anything other then a cotton ball because dyed materials such as washcloths can transfer their color to the bikini). Holding the bikini in one hand, dab the alcohol soaked cotton ball onto the stain till removed. This works for pen stains, dirt stains, and some sunscreen stains. **If you dab the bikini on a surface (such as a table) , make sure the rubbing alcohol does not alter the surface of the object before you place the bikini down because it can transfer the paint from the surface to the bikini.**



Bikini Tips

The best way to keep your bikini looking vibrant and stretchy is to make these steps part of your beach and pool routine! 


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