How to Care for Your Bikini

If you bought a new sustainable bikini you want to get as much life out of it as possible. On average, each American throws away 81lbs of clothing every year which means we are buying just as much every year. This whole system is not very sustainable, especially now that most of our clothing is made from plastics. To help get as many wears out of each of your bikinis, here is our guide on how to care for your bikini.

1. Hand-wash

I know its easier to toss your worn bikini in with all your other dirty clothes and let the washer and dryer do its thing, but it can actually decrease the life cycle of your bikinis. The most sustainable way to wash your bikinis is in the shower while you're washing off after the beach. Did you forget to wash it in the shower, or does your bikini need a deeper clean? Here's how to hand wash your bikini:

Step 1: grab a bowl with a small amount of laundry detergent and water

Step 2: Make sure laundry detergent is completely dissolved, put your bikinis in the bowl and swish them around

Step 3: let the bikinis soak for 30 min to an hour 

Step 4: Swish the bikinis around again and look for any areas still dirty. (if you have any stains rub them with your finger or a sponge till they disappear)

Step:4: Rinse with water

Step 5: Let bikinis air dry in the shade

2. Rinse

Pools or hot tubs use strong chemicals to keep them clean. If you know the pool and hot tub is heavily chlorinated try to stay out or minimize the time your bikni is soaking in the chlorine. While our fabric is very durable against hot tub chemicals, they are still very strong and can end up damaging the bikini over time. The best thing to do is to rinse your bikini right after getting out of the pool/hot tub

3. Never use bleach

You should never use bleach on your bikinis. If you have a stain try a stain remover or even rubbing alcohol on a cotton round. 

4. Wear

Be careful what you are sitting on when wearing a bikini. Avoid sitting on rough surfaces or areas covered in dirt. Use your towel to sit on in these situations and it will keep your bikini in good shape and your bum comfy. 

5. Be careful with oil and tinted sunscreen

When applying, try to avoid your bikini or avoid using. These oils and tinted sunscreens can stain your bikinis.

 6. Make it a habit

We want you to be able to enjoy your Sundaze Bikinis for as long as possible! Follow these steps and keep making memories in your sustainable swimwear. :)

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