The Story

When I graduated University of Hawaii I had no idea where my future was headed, but the only thing that was certain was my passion for adventure.

With my group of friends you never knew what your day had in store. When you left the house in the morning you could be hiking ridges, exploring waterfalls, swimming with sea creatures, doing beach yoga, surfing, you name it.We could be out from sunrise to sunset and I needed a bikini that could handle everything my day had to offer while also staying comfortable, thus Sundaze Bikinis were created.

One of the missions of Sundaze Bikinis is to inspire adventure.

We hope to get people outside, active, and embracing this beautiful world we live in, all while feeling comfortable and confident. Its amazing what you will find or the unique people you can meet when you step outside your door ready to embrace something new.

Each bikini is handmade, reversible, and seamless in order to remain soft and comfortable. So go ahead, buy that plane ticket, hike to that waterfall, explore that new beach, whatever your day has in store, we've got you covered!