About Sundaze Bikinis

Who is Sundaze Bikinis:
Sundaze Bikinis was created to spread positive, active lifestyles, with a love for the beautiful would around us through conservation and sustainability efforts. 
What is a Sundaze Bikini?
Each bikini is handcrafted using fabric recycled from ocean plastic. Everything from our shipping bags, the paper we use, hang tags, and fabric is made from recycled materials. Instead of cutting trees for paper products,  plastic sitting in landfills or on beaches, these materials are broken down and reconstructed into Sundaze Bikinis products. 
How do you take ugly plastic fishing nets and single use waterbottles and turn them into soft fabric?
The plastic recycled and pulled from the ocean is taken to a facility to sanitize and break down the plastic into small microfibers that are then woven together to create a durable, soft, high quality fabric. 
Where is Sundaze Bikinis located?
Sundaze Bikinis are designed and handcrafted on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Each bikini is made with the ocean in mind. We do not have a physical location, but we do participate in markets around Oahu. Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to know when our next pop - up shop is. 

When was Sundaze Bikinis created?
Sundaze Bikinis  started in 2016 and has grown rapidly since. We offer shipping worldwide and are connected with ambassadors around the world. 
Thank you so much for checking us out and helping spread the love!