Sundaze Bikinis is committed to using the highest quality sustainable materials.
That's why 100% of our swimwear is made from recycled fabrics such as Econyl and Repreve. Econyl is made from discarded fish nets and other plastic waste that would otherwise become trash into the worlds oceans and landfills. 
All of our resort wear is made from plant based materials that are biodegradable such as Linen, Tencel, and 100% Cotton. Using all natural materials is not possible in swimwear because it is not waterproof, but outside of our swimwear line we only use all natural fabrics. These fabrics are more earth-friendly, more comfortable and do not contribute to plastic production or pollution like synthetic blends do. 
It is of utmost importance to us to be use the most eco-friendly material available. We want to change to fashion industry for the better. Using eco-friendly fabrics can make a huge impact on not only reducing the amount of plastic produced world wide, but it also reduces some devastating environmental impacts of creating new fabric such as the drilling of new crude oil and producing more carbon dioxide. 

Our Manufacturing

All of our swimwear and resort wear is made ethically in a female run factory in Bali, Indonesia that guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, zero forced labor, and zero child labor. Why Bali? We have found that the highest quality swimwear, working conditions and access to sustainable fabrics is better in Bali than in any other parts of the world. 

Small Batch

We produce all of our swimwear and resort wear in small batches to ensure that we are only making what we know will sell. This ensures that we are not over producing waste that could end up in a land fill

Our Packaging

Most shipping materials are made from plastics. This doesn't sit well with us, especially since we are doing everything we can to reduce plastic in our products. This have worked hard to replace all of the plastics in our packaging with biodegradable materials. Here all of the ways we currently make our packaging more sustainable:
  • Mailers/Boxes: All of our mailers are biodegradable. We use paper mailers, plant based mailers and recycled cardboard boxes. All of our packaging is printed with non-toxic, biodegradable inks.
  • Tags: All of our tags are made with recycled paper and we always opt for matte paper to ensure that the paper is biodegradable rather than glossy paper which has a plastic coating on it.
  • Tag Swings: Go into most retail stores, look at the tag and I guarantee that 99% of the time that the string is made from plastic. That is ridiculous and unnecessary considering there are so many other sources of string. Sundaze Biknis rotates between cotton yarn and hemp to attach tags to our bikinis to make sure we are using biodegradable materials.
  • Garment bags: all of our garment bags are made from plant based biodegradable bags.
  • Stickers and labels: Stickers that are shiny are usually coated with some sort of plastic to make them more durable, but also worse for the environment. We found thermal printers that print paper stickers that create less waste (because they don't have plastic ink cartridges) and are completely biodegradable stickers. 

Our Shipping

Sundaze Bikinis is a carbon neutral company. This means that for every order placed on our site, the amount carbon dioxide created by the plane, train, and truck it takes to get to your house is calculated and then we ( Sundaze Bikinis) pay for that amount of carbon dioxide to be removed from the environment through different projects such as carbon sequestration in ocean kelp and farming soil. If you want to learn more about the projects that we are helping fund through Shopify click the link here. We recommend you checking out these projects, because there are some awesome people working on some amazing projects that are helping make the world a better place and it is so great to help be apart of making that happen.